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Scientific studies on amalgam removal have suggested that dentist, staff and their patients can be exposed to higher than normal levels of potentially harmful Mercury vapor and other contaminants. Placement and removal of amalgam fillings are common dental procedures that are not always performed safely.

During these dental procedures individuals may be exposed to several forms of contaminants, including mercury vapors from amalgam removal, bacteria and viruses from high-speed drilling, noxious chemical disinfectant odors and VOC gases, smoke plume during dental laser and electrosurge procedures, air abrasion and microetching dust, and prophy powder particulate.

Healthy Air Source Capture and General Air Purification Systems effectively extract toxic vapors, harmful particles, and microorganisms from the work station, thereby producing a healthy breathing zone for both technicians and clients.

As harmful containments are drawn into the Healthy Air system, patented eHEPA filtration technology purifies the air.

With an advanced 3-stage filtration process, Healthy Air source capture systems effectively perform to:

  • Absorb mercury vapor, laser smoke plume, electrosurgery smoke, VOCs, and odor.
  • Capture aluminum oxide air abrasion particulate, composite BPA grinding dust, prophy powder and water spray aerosols
  • Capture and kill airborne bacteria and viruses.