HealthyAir® Custom Solutions

At Healthy Air Inc. we understand the current salon ventilation requirements are aware of the design issues facing salon owners, architects and engineers.

Whether your project is the construction and build-out of a new salon or a renovation of an existing salon, we’re here to provide free consultation and offer cost effective solutions to help you meet your design objectives.

While there are similarities in the overall approach to complying with salon ventilation codes, unique characteristics of individual salons often require customized systems.

HealthyAir® custom air purification and ventilation systems enable salon owners, architects and engineers to assess various parameters and make a determination of the ideal system that balances cost, performance, and aesthetics.

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HealthyAir® Custom Installation Concepts

The following images are meant to help you conceptualize how HealthyAir® systems may be arranged within your salon and integrated with your manicure tables to provide source capture and ventilation that meets and exceeds code requirements.

HealthyAir® customized systems offer the flexibility that many salons require to meet their compliance goals. With floor and ceiling-mount options, systems may be designed that:

  • locate units in close proximity or remotely depending on customer preferences and structural considerations
  • utilize extraction arms or pop-up vents to meet source capture requirements
  • incorporate common exhaust ducting sized to maintain adequate air flow
  • build units into custom furniture; including nail bars, manicure tables, and cabinets

In most cases, inlet and exhaust ducting is designed to pass through salon walls, such that it is concealed from view.