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10% Off at Checkout on Orders >$250 Today!

HealthyAir® Outside Ventilation Adapter

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Color: White
HealthyAir® Outside Ventilation Adapter
for HA-SSC-G4



Outside Ventilation

The Outside Ventilation Adapter is compatible with the HealthyAir® model HA-SSC-G4 unit, and enables it to make connection to exhaust ducting for outside ventilation operation.

By placing the unit atop the Outside Ventilation Adapter the discharge of the unit is directed towards one of the outlet ports located on the adapter.

The Outside Ventilation Adapter has two 4" dia. outlet ports, one on the back and one on the side panel.  A 4" dia. outlet flange can be installed on either port, depending on which port provides the most efficient path for installation of the exhaust duct.