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Welcome to The Source For Source Capture®
Welcome to The Source For Source Capture®

HealthyAir® Air Purifiers for Dermatology Clinics

  • Capture biochemical hazardous particles

  • Collect surgical smoke and fumes

  • Protect your breathing zone

  • Prevent inhalation of toxins

Dermatologists utilize HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification Systems to reduce exposure to biochemically hazardous airborne particles that are by-products of routine procedures.

Electrosurgical and laser procedures are regularly performed in a dermatology clinic and generate smoke that can be harmful to the doctor, nurses, and the patient. With the frequency of these procedures increasing every year and with mounting evidence about the hazards of surgical plume, maintaining a smoke-free environment is becoming very important.

Surgical smoke is produced as a by-product when there is thermal destruction of target cells leading to rupture and release of cellular contents. It poses significant risk as a respiratory tract irritant and mutagen, and as a vector for infectious particles.

Surgical plume with vaporized tissue particles, pathogens, and toxic gases emanating during dermatosurgical procedures is an occupational hazard to the dermatosurgeon, and protective measures must be taken to prevent their inhalation.

The HealthyAir® Aerosol Extractor is a Source Capture System engineered to effectively capture and filter the plume generated during electrosurgical procedures or laser procedures, thereby maintaining a safe environment for the surgical team and the patient.

Surgical smoke is a biochemical hazard comparable to chronic second-hand smoking. Routine exposure can result in serious health issues for the doctor, supportive staff, and patient. To implement best safety practices dermatology clinics utilize HealthyAir® Source Capture Systems as one aspect of technical procedure to optimize and achieve a safe working environment.

Most Popular Source Capture Purification Systems for Dermatology Offices

HealthyAir® Commercial Ceiling-Mount Air Cleaner HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Commercial Air Cleaner $2,315.00
HealthyAir® Aerosol Extractor HealthyAir® Source Capture® Aerosol Extractor $2,042.00
HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System - Dual Station HealthyAir® Source Capture® Air Purifier - Dual Station $1,905.00
HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Source Capture System - Single Station HealthyAir® Source Capture® Ceiling-Mount System - Single Station $2,315.00

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HealthyAir® Source Capture® Systems effectively extract toxic vapors, mist and harmful particles from the procedure area, thereby producing a healthy breathing zone for both clinicians and patients.