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Welcome to The Source For Source Capture®
Welcome to The Source For Source Capture®

HealthyAir® Ventilation for Art Studios & Print Shops

  • Protect your breathing zone w/ Source Capture

  • Capture toxic paint/chemcial fumes and VOCs

  • Collect fine particle pollution from dry media

  • Protect your breathing zone

  • Prevent inhalation of airborne contaminants

Art supplies can generate airborne pollutants, namely airborne chemicals, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and fine particles. Removing both particles and VOCs from the air is crucial to maintaining a healthy working environment.




Most Popular Ventilation Systems for Art Studios & Print Shops

HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Fume Source Capture System HealthyAir® Source Capture® Ceiling-Mount Fume Extractor $2,724.00
HealthyAir® Source Capture Fume Extraction System HealthyAir® Source Capture® Fume Extractor $2,178.00
HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System - Single Station HealthyAir® Source Capture® Air Purifier - Single Station $1,632.00
HealthyAir® Commercial Ceiling-Mount Air Cleaner HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Commercial Air Cleaner $2,315.00

HealthyAir® Source Capture® Systems

All HealthyAir® Source Capture® Systems effectively extract toxic vapors, mist and harmful particles from the work station, thereby producing a healthy breathing zone.

Professionals who work in art studios and print shops are particularly at risk, given that they are routinely exposed to toxic products on a daily basis while often working in poorly ventilated spaces.

Have a question? Contact us and we'll gladly help you identify the best solution for you