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HealthyAir Portable Air Purifier

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HealthyAir® Portable Air Purifier


The HealthyAir® Portable Air Purifier with patented eHEPA® air filtration technology will collect smoke in ambient spaces more effectively than other products on the market today.  


Depending on the application, one or more units will be required to accommodate large spaces and address higher levels of indoor contaminants.

One unit will generally cover a space of 500 ft2 in a general room setting. 




Patented eHEPA® Technology

With patented eHEPA® technology, this unit effectively filter air in a highly efficient and innovative 3-stage process, resulting in a safer environment with a healthier breathing zone for occupants.

As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filter work in conjunction to collect and deactivate airborne particles; including microorganisms, dust, smoke, allergens, gasses, odors, and VOCs.

HealthyAir® System 3-stage process collectively utilizes the 5 filtration methods of Sieving, Direct impact, Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, and Electrostatic.



The HealthyAir® Portable Air Purifier is a portable air purifier that offers simple remote and touch control operation and is equipped with a three-speed fan that enables control of air flow and sound level.

Maintenance of the unit is simple and does not require the use of any tools. Naturally, when it is time for the filters to be periodically changed, the access door on the back of the unit can be effortlessly unlocked enabling easy access to the filter housing.

Filter Model & Replacement

The HealthyAir® Portable Air Purifier utilizes the HA-IFM-1111 Integrated Filter Module.  Each unit comes with (1) pre-installed filter.

The Integrated Filter Module contains an H13 rated medical grade HEPA filter that offers higher filtration efficiency of ultra-fine particles, including microscopic biological matter at lower resistance due to patented eHEPA®.

The Activated Carbon filter element of the filter offers adsorption of VOCs and odor causing vapors.

The recommend filter replacement cycle is 6-9 months on average.  However, the need for filter replacement naturally varies depending on the frequency and nature of use.

When the unit has been in operation for 400-hours, the Filter Change indicator light, on the Control Panel, will begin to flash. This serves as a reminder to inspect and/or replace the filter.

The Filter Change Timer can be reset by following the reset protocol outlined in the manual.

The following replacement filter is compatible with this unit:



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