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HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System - Single Nail Station

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HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purification System
HA-SCP-G4 Single Station



Patented eHEPA® Technology

With patented eHEPA® technology, this unit effectively filter air in a highly efficient and innovative 3-stage process, resulting in a safer work environment with a healthier breathing zone for occupants.

As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filter work in conjunction to collect and deactivate airborne particles; including dust, smoke, allergens, gasses, odors, and VOCs.

HealthyAir® System 3-stage process collectively utilizes the 5 filtration methods of Sieving, Direct impact, Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, and Electrostatic. 


Recommend Nail Salon Use

(1) HealthyAir® Source Capture Dual Inlet system is capable of serving (1) nail station.


Nail Salon IMC Ventilation Code Compliance

The HealthyAir® Source Capture System fully complies with, and exceeds, IMC Ventilation Code requirements for Nail Salons.


For Nail Salons IMC 2021/2018/2015 generally requires:

  • a minimum of 50 cfm of air extraction from each nail station
  • at least one exhaust inlet per nail station located <12” from the point of chemical application
  • exhaust of all extracted air from the nail salon to the outdoor atmosphere


Added benefits of system use include:

  • The clean air output of each system can be applied to the total 0.6 cfm/ft2 that is required to be exhausted from overall salon air, which in turn conserves energy
  • Prevents contaminated air from re-entering the salon and/or entering adjacent environments, including neighboring businesses or residences
  • Prevents nail dust from accumulating in ductwork and creating potential hazards


IMC 2015 Ventilation Code:

IMC 2018 Ventilation Code:

 IMC 2021 Ventilation Code:


Recirculating Ventilation

The Healthy Air® Source Capture Air Purification System may be operated as a Recirculating System or as an Outside Venting System.  The out-of-the-box default configuration of the unit is for Recirculating Ventilation.

Recirculating Ventilation means the unit is designed to take in contaminated air though the extraction hose, filter contaminants, and discharge purified air from the exhaust vent, located on the bottom of the unit, back into the facility.


Outside Ventilation – IMC Ventilation Code Compliance

The components required to setup the unit for Outside Venting come with the unit, as outlined in the manual. When configured for Outside Ventilation, the system is designed to take in contaminated air though the extraction hose, filter contaminants, and discharge treated air out of the facility via an exhaust duct connection to the 4” dia. outlet port of the unit.


Weight, Dimensions & Installation

The approximate weight and base dimensions of the unit is: 45 lbs. - 12”l x 14”w x 21”h

The standard extraction arm hose length is 45”.  Custom length hose is available, for information and pricing please contact us.

This portable floor unit is designed to be positioned in close proximity to the work station, however in some cases remote location of units is required. For customized layouts, please contact us for engineering and design recommendations.

Initial setup of the unit is simple and requires installation of the extraction hose and caster wheels.  The caster wheels enable the unit to be easily moved as needed.



By easily adjusting the flexible hose, the hoods of the extraction arms can be strategically positioned, approximately 6”-12” from the work area, to capture contaminates from the emission source.

The HA-SCP-G4 unit offers simple remote-control operation and is equipped with a three-speed fan that enables control of air flow and sound level.

Maintenance of the unit is simple and does not require the use of any tools.


Filter Model & Replacement

The Healthy Air® Source Capture Air Purification System utilizes the HA-IFM-111 Integrated Filter Module.  Each unit comes with (1) pre-installed filter.

The recommend filter replacement cycle is 6 months on average.  However, the need for filter replacement naturally varies depending on the frequency and nature of use.

When the unit has been in operation for 400-hours, the Filter Change indicator light, on the Control Panel, will begin to flash. This serves as a reminder to inspect and/or replace the filter.

The Filter Change Timer can be reset by following the reset protocol outlined in the manual.

The following replacement filter is compatible with this unit: