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Source Capture Air Filtration Systems

For Podiatry & Medical Pedicures

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HealthyAir Source Capture System with eHEPA filtration for medical pedicure and podiatry offices

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are HealthyAir Source Capture Systems?

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How do Source Capture Systems work?

HealthyAir Source Capture Systems are strategically positioned to capture aerosols from the emission source, filter contaminants, and discharge treated air away from the breathing zone, thereby improving indoor air quality and helping to protect the health of podiatrists and medical pedicurists.

Why are Source Capture Systems important in Podiatry & Medical Pedicure Offices?

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What are the benefits of using Source Capture Systems?

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Can Source Capture Systems be customized for different workspaces?

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Are Source Capture Systems easy to setup and use?

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Managing Chemical Exposure and Health Risks

HealthyAir® Source Capture Systems are engineered to meet salon ventilation code requirements and these systems are currently used to improve indoor air quality to protect the health of employees and customers in thousands of nail salons in the USA, Canada and overseas.

Inadequate ventilation exposes nail technicians to hazardous chemicals. About 30 such chemicals, including toluene and formaldehyde, are commonly found in nail products, leading to immediate discomfort and potential long-term health issues.

The risk varies based on exposure and susceptibility. Implementing Source Capture and Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems, following OSHA guidelines, reduces exposure and ensures a safer environment.

Nail Salon IMC Ventilation Code Compliance

All HealthyAir® Source Capture® system fully comply with, and exceed, IMC Ventilation Code requirements for Nail Salons.

For Nail Salons IMC Chapter 4 mechanical code generally requires:

  • A minimum of 50 cfm of air extraction from each nail station;
  • At least one exhaust inlet per nail station located <12” from the point of chemical application;
  • Exhaust of all extracted air from the nail salon to the outdoor atmosphere.

Added benefits of system use include:

  • The clean air output of each system can be applied to the total 0.6 cfm/ft2 that is required to be exhausted from overall salon air, which in turn conserves energy;
  • Prevents contaminated air from re-entering the salon and/or entering adjacent environments, including neighboring businesses or residences;
  • Prevents nail dust from accumulating in ductwork and creating potential hazards.
HealthyAir Source Capture System with eHEPA Filtration for Medical Pedicure and Podiatry

HealthyAir® Source Capture® Systems

HealthyAir® Source Capture Systems extract harmful particles, creating a healthy zone for technicians and clients in nail salons.

Common nail products like polish, removers, and artificial nail supplies contain toxic chemicals linked to health issues. Nail salon professionals face risks due to routine exposure in poorly ventilated spaces.

HealthyAir® Ventilation for Nail Salons