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Get 15% Off Orders above $200! Memorial Day Week Sale!!

HealthyAir Source Capture Pop-Up Vent - Single Station

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$225.00 - $225.00
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HealthyAir Source Capture Pop-Up Vent
Single Station
  • Comply with IMC 2015/2018/2021 Ventilation Codes
  • Serves one (1) Nail Station

The HealthyAir® Source Capture® Vent is engineered to increase collection efficiency by optimizing airflow, as compared to downdraft systems, while offering aesthetically appealing design and simplicity of use.

The innovative design of this patented product enables the 8"x6" inlet vent to "Pop-up" when the system is in use. When inactive, the vent may be "Pushed-down" to hide it from view.

The Source Capture® Vent is 8"x2"x6" and can be easily installed and flush-mounted in most tables or work surfaces (requires a 8"x2" cut-out).

Depending on user preferences, the unit may be connected to floor or ceiling-mount HealthyAir® Source Capture Systems.

  • Connect to HA-SCP-G6, HA-SCP-G5,  HA-SCP-G4, HA-SCE-G2, or HA-CMSC-G3 units

    IMC 2015 Ventilation Code:

    IMC 2018 Ventilation Code:

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