HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier

Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier - HealthyAir®
Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier - HealthyAir®
Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier - HealthyAir®
Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier - HealthyAir®
Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier - HealthyAir®

HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier

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Model: HA-CMP-G2-W
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HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier
HA-CMP-G2 Description

 Applications & Recommend Use

The HealthyAir® Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier is the ideal system for use in a multitude of commercial settings, including dental offices, beauty salons, medical offices, schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, senior living centers, and restaurants.

One unit is recommended for every 500-1,000 ft2 of occupiable space, and multiple units can be utilized to accommodate larger spaces or to address higher levels of indoor contaminants.

  • Collect and deactivate ultra-fine airborne particles; including microorganisms, dust, smoke, allergens
  • Adsorb gasses, odors, and VOCs.

Patented eHEPA® Technology

With patented eHEPA® technology, this unit effectively filter air in a highly efficient and innovative 3-stage process, resulting in a safer work environment with a healthier breathing zone for occupants.

As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filter work in conjunction to collect and deactivate airborne particles; including dust, smoke, allergens, gasses, odors, and VOCs.

HealthyAir® System 3-stage process collectively utilizes the 5 filtration methods of Sieving, Direct impact, Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, and Electrostatic. 


Recirculating Ventilation

When configured as a Recirculating Ventilation system, the Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier is designed to efficiently make use of Coanda airflow to ensure that purified, conditioned, air is re-circulated evenly throughout the room.


Outside Ventilation

When configured as an Outside Ventilation system, the Ceiling-Mount Air Purifier is designed to discharge treated air out of the facility via an exhaust duct connection to the outlet port of the unit.

Note that, the (2) Outlet Vent Blank-Off Plates are included with each unit, to convert the unit for Outside Ventilation application.


Weight, Dimensions & Installation

The approximate weight and dimensions of the unit is: 65 lbs. - 24”l x 24”w x 15”h

Engineered for easy installation, this unit mounts perfectly flush, and blends, with any drop ceiling with a standard 2'x2' panel arrangement and a minimum clearance of 18". This unit may also be installed in other recessed structures, including walls, with adequate space and ventilation.



The HA-CMP-G2-W offers simple remote control operation and is equipped with a three-speed fan that enables control of air flow and sound level.

Maintenance of the HA-CMP-G2-W is simple and does not require the use of any tools.


Filter Replacement

The recommend filter replacement cycle is 6 months on average.  However, the need for filter replacement naturally varies depending on the frequency and nature of use.

When it is time for the filters to be changed, the face plate simply unlocks and swings open, which enables access to the drop-down filter housing.

    The following replacement filters are compatible with this unit: